VLOG: This Is My CD-Single Collection – What’s Yours? (Some Extra Text VLOG In The Description)

I grew up listening to vinyl albums and singles back in my childhood, in the 80s when CDs became the norm I had been buying vinyl singles and album but was mostly taping stuff from radio as I couldn’t afford the 25 guilder record prices.

We also hung out at a good friend’s place who was kind enough to dump some vinyl tracks to tape – often deliberately ruining the recording by making drumming sounds on the glass pane door attached to his stereo. Also he was keen on making the odd squealing sounds that actually were picked up by the needle and thus ended up on the recording. I guess in some way he just couldn’t bring himself to just giving away all that music ‘unscathed’. So all in all I had a very cataclysmic collection of songs on tape. Actually that was the same friend who did reviews for the IOPages magazine. At the same time we were copying and playing C64 tapes and disks by the way. We would still have come by without any copying as it was fun and cool to hang out but we ended up copying quite a bit. Fast Hack’m swap/ swap/ swap/ swap…

When I landed my first part-time jobs in school I got more disposable income and I bought a few albums Michael Jackson’s Thriller was among them. But then CDs hit and as my record player wasn’t particularly good and I was fed up with the tapes I recorded from CDs/Vinyl records and the ones recorded over at my friend’s place that I bought my own CDs but mostly borrowed them from the library or photo-store and recorded them to TDK SA90 Chrome tapes with dolby B. CDs were also quite expensive. What I could afford were CD singles mostly. But at university my CD collection grew – each time I passed an exam I would give myself a present: a nice CD-album.

This video shows off my CD-singles from back in the day which I still have – that span from the 80s to the 90s. In the late 90s I didn’t buy CD singles anymore it was mostly full CDs. I kept that up well into the mid naughtees. But the last couple of years buying CDs has trickled down quite a bit.

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