Game Room Tour July 2017 – 3000 Games, 110+ Systems

Here is a tour of my Game Room as at July 2017. Thought it was a good time to do another as I have changed things around a fair bit since the last one.
Very happy with the layout, more to do of course, but definitely getting close to where I would like it.
My main collection interests for games are with the MSX Computers, Sega SG-1000, Colecovision and Sega Master Systems, along with a general interest for shooters and RPGs across a much larger set of systems.
I also like collecting retro computer hardware, the collection has definitely grown. I plan to do a specific video showing each of the systems in better detail at a later stage.

I do not cover any of my modern systems, as they are in the house and the video was getting a bit long anyway. Might cover them in a shorter video later.

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